my art style is changing to include the ability to draw muscle wizards such as vanja

edited 2 include caron and esyld being small but attractive weights to lift very cooly


some cute junk i drew at work this morning


kissies bc im gay


some carons

and some carons butt under the cut if u dont wanna see this ass dont u even look in here i swear 2 god i mean it. its not even a full butt. partial butt. I MEAN IT

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ive been mostly doodling lately so most of the junk ive posted has gone on my main blog, but im about to reblog the few posts of it here (  ’ _>`)


YES!! i dont draw much dmmd anymore but i still love clearsei :3


i had to get some boyfriends out of my system feat. asura pals

original characters from a horror story of mine

children are to be seen and not heard.


raikonoe esyld and odd are both silly and compliment eachother SOOOO MUCH that they embarrassed themselves and started laughing

attention! attention!

this is a really old commission that im finally getting done for omniferous-one! sorry it took me so long.

i like to think that this is an old photograph someone took of the members of MoS when they were out scouting.