commission for kabajaku!! she wanted me to draw her gw2 characters :3c hope you like it dear~

here’s blei and sul! two real cool ladies~

high res here (its huge)

something for a gw2 story im writing

high res here it is stupid huge

tree doodles from work today

i drew my brother’s gw2 character earlier for his blog, but i wanted to post the full thing here

sisylia is the bomb

you have a really cute art style wowie good job friend

aw!! thank u so much!!!!!! ;w; ur so sweet it means a lot

"stop only drawing ur dumb 90s au renao" u say to me

"no," i whisper "not today"

i just remembered i did that draw ur fav dmmd character in the clothes u wore today and im sorry ren

beta rens dog ears tho

hug your tiny sad boyfriend until he feels better

thanks so much for 100 follows!! you’re all swell :*