this is paidee cage, my friend caitlin’s asura guardian!!!! she is tough and could probably bench press me.

pls look at the high res bc tumblr hates my guts

twitter doodle dumps aka massive forest expedition and boring fifteen minute headshots


high res

look at this grape

how dare you troll me in this fashion

look who went overboard. i dont know how to draw a dang lute either, check it out!

cysperis for the second palette meme, palette #1, but i added that brown @__@

have i mentioned they’re married….becaus e…

raikonoe i have drawn your son, the cherry

palette #16 uou

asura bab palette 8.

this is like a weird inversion of her actual color palette wtf

Hello! I really really love your art style. I know this is a pretty common question but... how do you make your lines/inks(?) so nice and consistent? Your line weights are quite precise, thin or thick where it should be (at least for me). I was wondering what kind of practice you do to achieve that? Thank you and have a nice day. :]

the secret to perfect lines is to cry a lot. 

jkjk but omg thank you!! to all compliments! yr a doll :* 

the truth is really tho anonpal, i dont think i have any stellar advice for you. I can try to explain what i do tho? ive never really consciously thought abt it so here goes.

when im drawing i bare down a bit with the pen, tho im not sure i’d recommend this cause its worn on my tablet/i have a nasty callous on my middle finger now from where my thumb nail digs in. But this is always the way i’ve held pens etc, and baring down sort of forces me to be deliberate with my lines. the second really big trick is that i make a lot of short quick strokes, and it builds up the line weight fast. doing quick little short strokes lets me control how big i want the lines to be, with thinner lines being maybe one or two strokes thing, fatter ones being a lot. i also rotate the canvas a TOOOOOOON like my lines would be poopoo broussard if i didnt have the rotate feature in photoshop or firealpaca. 

heres an example, starring our good friend sisylia wildheart!


lookin good, kid!

as for practices, i just draw the same thing over and over again (sad boy looking to the left)(in my case sad tree looking to the left). this is sort of where i’ve suffered tho, because you can see that my faces have cleaner lines but when i get to arms/hands/joints things get a lil hairy scary. 

hopefully this answered any of your questions, and now all of you know my secrets, or something. keep drawing, draw what you love, and draw a lot, is the other really huge big advice! the biggest i can give you! you have a nice day too pal buddy :^)