i had to get some boyfriends out of my system feat. asura pals

original characters from a horror story of mine

children are to be seen and not heard.


raikonoe esyld and odd are both silly and compliment eachother SOOOO MUCH that they embarrassed themselves and started laughing

attention! attention!

this is a really old commission that im finally getting done for omniferous-one! sorry it took me so long.

i like to think that this is an old photograph someone took of the members of MoS when they were out scouting. 


tired but gotta get up anyway


arisatohamuko your beans and spices i drew them

its an empty threat and you know it, jearr. 

my necromancer-in-training baby, dalia 

she has trouble summoning fully fledged minions, and the only one shes got totally downpat is a shadow fiend, but he isnt even full size ;; she calls him brutus, affectionately. 

some work doodles, stuff i drew for my theme :^)

aint nobody gonna mess with the thravakin twins